Getting Noticed in a Craft Show

Some of the most amazing things at a craft fair, is how unique each and every vendor can be. One of the key things in our show, is that we ask vendors to think outside the box. We are always here to bounce ideas off.

With having a background, not only in SEO, Website design, and Account Management, I alsohave dabbled in Marketing as well. Heck, I am almost finished with a Bachlor’s degree in Program Management for businesses. I LOVE to research what other shows and businesses have done that has made their business overall more successful.

One thing that quite a few newbies to the craft fair world want to know about is not only booth design, but what they need to know for their next show. In order to go over the topic more, I have researched out an article that I agree with for the most part. You can find the article HERE.

Some of the things I want to bullet point that will be different for our show are below:

  • Location at a craft fair is totally different then a large EXPO.
    • People get tired of the same old thing at EXPO’s. At a craftfair, it is like you are going into Michaels, or Joannes, or Home Goods. Most women will want to not only take a leisurely stroll down the isles, but they will want to shop and compare things.
    • Customers will remember the thing they saw at one booth, and look at other booths, however, if what they wanted was in the booth they noticed it at, they will return for it.
    • Some of our most successful booths have been in back corners, furthest away from the front doors, it is all in how you present your product to people
  • ‘Pipe and Drape’ is not something we encourage for our shows. Mostly because they can all start to look the same, and not stand out to customers. It is a craft show, so we ask you to be crafty in your booth choices.
    Pipe & Drape Booth



Logo’s are super important. You want to make sure that people know who you are without trying to search for a tag. This will help you market your craft.

Overall, this article gives you great tips to get started on your booths. Do not stress to much about your first show and making everything perfect. There will be epic successes, and small failures. Best way to learn, I say.

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