Hello! And welcome to Kottage Kupboard, LLC, in West Haven, Utah.  We are so happy that you found us and are interested in working side by side to bring a great show to the public. Let’s do a little bit of introductions.

Great friends

We have been very fortunate to know Joel Perry and his family for over a decade, and have been a part of Kottage Kupboard, LLC in one way or another throughout those years. The joy and comfort we take in being part of this great Northern Utah crafting, D.I.Y., boutique community has been a blessing in our lives. We absolutely love finding new talent and getting to know old talent that has been around for a while.kira

My name is Kira Bethers. I have lived in Utah most of my life, and have enjoyed all of the seasons and beauty that this glorious state has to offer. I enjoy horseback riding, reading, animals, cooking, and being creative whenever possible. I was raised in Plain City, Utah and went to Fremont High School class of 2002. I am a school bus driver for Weber School District, and have loved being able to drive throughout Weber County. I am married to Damian Aguilera, who is a 17 year Navy Veteran and grew up in Rowland Heights, CA. He has been all over the world. Below is a photo of all the places he has been.

Damian’s map of where he has been
KiraBethersKottageKupboard, DamianAguileraKottqageKupboard
Damian & Kira

We have been married for 5 years, and have two horses (Maize, & Ziza), four dogs (Tinka, Tanzy, Michi, & Radar), and last but not least our lovely cat B.A.M.F. We are hoping to add children to our bunch as soon as we are blessed with them. Damian loves any type of sports with Michigan Wolverines being his absolute favorite. He has gone to many craft fair shows with me, and does like to view all the great ideas everyone has made. So we will definitely be looking for vendors that sell sports type crafts.

Please let us know if you have any further questions. We look forward to getting to know more people, and enjoy learning from each and every one of them.


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