Show Updates POST “Cornstalks & Pumpkins”

When putting on a show as large as ours, there is always a learning curve. Some of the things that happened behind the scenes are never seen by the public or the vendors. I wanted to take a moment to touch on those, and to also thank all the POSTIVE vendors that helped make our lives, and show easier on this crazy ride.

What quite a few people didn’t know is that we had 10+ vendors have family emergencies between Thursday before the show and Tuesday when we checked vendors in. We are very sorry for their misfortune, and hope they can show with us at another time.

Every one of our staff was brand new, and has never been apart of the show before. We can not even begin to express how amazing they were, and the sacrifices they made to help out the show. The majority of them have full time jobs and families just like everyone else. They pulled very long days, to learn brand new protocols, systems, and vendor products.

From photos they helped create “Cornstalks and Pumpkins” in 1 1/2 days. It usually takes 3 days just for Kottage Kupboard setup. They did it in half the time, off of photos.

WE CANNOT REPAY THEM for how amazing they have been. We are truly humbled by their willingness to go the extra mile, work until they were exhausted, and have a smile throughout the process.

We also had the pleasure of leaning on Joel and Deanna Perry when we didn’t know which way to go. They took time out of their busy lives to come and guide us. They did not have to. Debbie and Roger also helped us on setup day, and our first day open. Teaching us tricks of the trade and showing us the way. Unselfishly, they also took time out of their day to come and help us when we needed it most.

This show has so many moving parts that it reminds me of a clock. If one piece is out of alignment, the whole thing does not work very well. We have many ideas and many places we can improve on in our show. But the only way to succeed and be proud of the struggle is to go through the rough patches.

The great vendors that we had at our show taught us a ton as well. Each booth is different and unique in its own way. The best person to tell you that, is the vendor. Each one has their own personality, and passion for what they do. They excel at their craft. We hope to continue a positive relationship with them in the future.

Thank you for the love and support from the customers that came in to support our new business! Hope to see you again soon!


As we talked about Logo’s in this POST, I wanted to follow up with some inspiration that I have found online. Remember to make sure that your logo is LegibleCatches the Eye, you not only want repeat customers, but also people that are looking for more vendors for their shows, and potential brick and motar shops if you would like to scale bigger than just one show.

Here are a few ideas I have found:

Now, here are a few that look amazing, but if I wanted to tell my friend about them, or show them on Social Media, no one would be able to tell who they were unless I took a photo of the tag. And lets be honest, who here keeps all their tags on everything?

Logo and branding are important. Your display is of course important as well. But if I were to choose which one I would rather go with to continue my business pushing forward, I would spend the money on making sure my logo was not only present, but apparent.

Getting Noticed in a Craft Show

Some of the most amazing things at a craft fair, is how unique each and every vendor can be. One of the key things in our show, is that we ask vendors to think outside the box. We are always here to bounce ideas off.

With having a background, not only in SEO, Website design, and Account Management, I alsohave dabbled in Marketing as well. Heck, I am almost finished with a Bachlor’s degree in Program Management for businesses. I LOVE to research what other shows and businesses have done that has made their business overall more successful.

One thing that quite a few newbies to the craft fair world want to know about is not only booth design, but what they need to know for their next show. In order to go over the topic more, I have researched out an article that I agree with for the most part. You can find the article HERE.

Some of the things I want to bullet point that will be different for our show are below:

  • Location at a craft fair is totally different then a large EXPO.
    • People get tired of the same old thing at EXPO’s. At a craftfair, it is like you are going into Michaels, or Joannes, or Home Goods. Most women will want to not only take a leisurely stroll down the isles, but they will want to shop and compare things.
    • Customers will remember the thing they saw at one booth, and look at other booths, however, if what they wanted was in the booth they noticed it at, they will return for it.
    • Some of our most successful booths have been in back corners, furthest away from the front doors, it is all in how you present your product to people
  • ‘Pipe and Drape’ is not something we encourage for our shows. Mostly because they can all start to look the same, and not stand out to customers. It is a craft show, so we ask you to be crafty in your booth choices.
    Pipe & Drape Booth



Logo’s are super important. You want to make sure that people know who you are without trying to search for a tag. This will help you market your craft.

Overall, this article gives you great tips to get started on your booths. Do not stress to much about your first show and making everything perfect. There will be epic successes, and small failures. Best way to learn, I say.

Website Updates!

Kottage Kupboard Craft fair Ogden Utah

We have just updated our website pages with more info. At the bottom of the Vendors PAGE it now explains more about Centralized Checkout and Vendor Numbers. We want to make sure that our vendors understand the meaning behind some of the words that are used at the Craft Fairs in Northern Utah. We also want to avoid confusion when possible.

CraftQuoteKottageKupboardNorthernUtahAlso, we added more information on our Vendor Application 2018 page. You can find more information not only on our Set Up/ Tear down  schedule, but also our Security Detail, and what that entails. Stay tuned, I will be making a longer blog post on why we have a Security Detail, and why it is so important for the show.

Hope those creative juices are flowing for the October show! We only have 78 days to go!!

Kottage Kupboard Craft Fair, Small Business, Veteran Owned

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Waiting around, ideas flowing

This show has been so much fun for us to put together! Not only are we meeting new and exciting people, but we are sharing in their knowledge of what they do best, their crafts. There are so many ways that you are able to do crafts, and not one person has the same ideas all of the time. You can take a handful of men or women that craft, have one instructor teach them all, and not have one craft turn out the exact same!


Well….unless you are my hubby who wants to watch sports instead of doing crafty things with his wife. Then they might cheat a little and do exactly what you are doing so they can get back to their ‘game’.  He currently is watching Canadian football. If that doesn’t tell you how bad he is missing the sport. Thank heavens we have already planned the show, and he is aware that he will not be able to watch football all day while doing the show (anyone else hear the whining in his voice? lol). But he seriously has been such a big help. Especially when we go out, and I say I have to have something ‘for the show’. He used to argue that the show didn’t need THAT MUCH, or that anyone was going to look at the decor that is put up (oh naive guy) but now he just shakes his head on my, ‘I can fix that up and make it REALLY CUTE!’, and just continues to ask he if will get back his garage anytime soon. Which we all know the answer to that.

Good idea to bring the focal point upwards

At this point everyone should be getting their ideas down on paper, and really letting the creative juices flow. Decorating your booth is one of the things that will take time and precision to execute. Especially if this is your first time at our show. The show will go all out to the 9’s on decor, and having a booth that is decorated nicely, but not to extravagant is the key to catching the eye of the customers coming into the show.

With that being said, let me share with you some of the booth ideas I got from Google. None of these have been to our show, and are random ideas.

Stay tuned, as we get closer and closer to the show we will not only be highlighting the AMAZING VENDORS that we have coming, but their stories, and what they do. We have some very talented people that are going to show with us, and we would love for everyone to get to know them.

Until then, what do you love to see in a vendor booth? What draws you in?

We have a stamp!

Finally after working for a few days on a new return address stamp. It has finally been completed. Not only do I LOVE my logo, but it also is throughout the artwork and graphic design ideas. However, when trying to take something that is color, very intricate, and try to put it on something small, that usually will bleed a little bit, it makes for a hard sell.

I started out with our normal logo: KottageKupboardStamp

However that one was to hard to see when you can only use black, and white space. Everything got jumbled and it was hard to see what the black spot was about.

Then I tried a:  SimplelogoKK18

This too had issues. Even though it looks pretty great, I was not IN LOVE with it, like I am my current logo.

So, I brain-stormed a little here, and a little there. SimplelogonoheartKK18 

And this was the result of the brainstorming. Now, it still didn’t have the “Kottage Kupboard” feel to it just yet, so I started messing with the design to get it not only just right to my eye, but to also make sure I was keeping elements in it that I have throughout my artwork. Which resulted in the final product:Kottage Kupboard Return Address Stamp 2018

Not only did this sucker take me about 5 hours to complete, but it also cost an arm and a leg to purchase because I did my own design.

  • Am I happy that it is finished? YES
  • Am I happy that its not a complete circle and the OCD is kicking in? NO
  • Am I happy it took me 5 hours to decide I liked the return address label? DEFIANTLY NOT
  • Am I happy that I have the skills to not only pull this off, but make it look decent? 100%

Would I do it again? YES, yes I would. Don’t worry, this puppy is going to get a lot of use out of it for sure!

Set up, and Security Detail

I have had some vendor questions that are not currently on the website. I do not want to add to the pages we currently have, so I thought I would answer some of them here, in a blog.

Mostly, I have been asked about the set up, tear down times. Here is a snip-it of my ‘behind the scenes’ website for people that have already signed up as vendors:setupteardowntimes

A little bit more about the security detail is below:

  1. If you have two vendor numbers in your booth, you are required to do two hours PER VENDOR NUMBER. This is due to us having to spend more time sorting through and adding up another vendor number.
  2. The security detail is very important to the show. Not only does it cut down costs to the vendors by us not having to hire more people to run the show, it also free’s up your time as a vendor. We only do two hours at this time because that will cover the whole show. If I did not do two hours, we would not only have to hire more people to walk around, but you as a vendor have a deeper passion for the show, and are more committed to it running successfully. We love the passion it takes for vendors to come out and do our shows, which is why we love your help with Security Detail.
  3. You will see things that a normal person would not.
    1. Because you have more than likely been a vendor at other shows, you will see things that most people would not. You are able to go up to someone and make sure they are doing what they should be, and being kept honest by paying for everything, without making the person feel uncomfortable.
    2. You will get familiar with the vendors at the show, so you will know if the person is a vendor or not. You will also know how to find out quickly who is a vendor or who isn’t by going and checking the vendor sheets that will be given out at the first of the show.
  4. You will have more knowledge of what is acceptable and what isn’t in bathrooms.
    1. We will have short videos that will help you gain knowledge on things that can not go into the bathroom. You will also know what to tell people if they try and get past you, and who to inform if that happens.

As we keep getting closer and closer to the show, questions will be answered further, and you will be able to get a feel for the show, and us. We always welcome questions, because that will make us better owners as a whole.

The Besst Yet Magazine

Starting our Marking in early January of 2018 has been both an amazing, and difficult experience. As with any Small Business Owner, making sure that you are on point and manage the budget correctly is always not far from your mind.

We are so blessed to not only have a great graphic artist in our back corner, but all of those that are joining us as a vendor this year. I can not wait to share with everyone all of the new and updated things we will be doing.

One of those being that we are going to advertise through The Besst Yet Magazine. When we went in to discuss things with them, Karla was a very helpful person in getting us started in the Magazine with great ideas, as well as helping us with design, and placement in the Magazine.

Here is our lovely advertisement in Northern Utah. Shout out to Brad Rich, our graphic designer. Not only did he get this done in a VERY TIGHT time frame, but it looks amazing, and exactly what I wanted. Give him a PM if you need anything done with graphics for your Small Business in Utah!


I am very excited to work with people like Karla, and Brad. They make owing a business in Utah so much easier. Not only do they bring class, and refinement into my life, but they knock down the walls that Kottage Kupboard has faced through trial and error. If you ever need someone in your corner, look them both up. They will not stear you wrong.

Pay it forward, Riding Reflections Adult Riding Club

Here at Kottage Kupboard, we are so excited to announce that we will be sponsoring Riding Reflections Adult Riding Club  this year. They are an adult horse riding club in District 2 of the Utah State Western Riding Clubs Association (USWRCA). Which basically means, these ladies and gentleman go out, have a good time on horses, and sometimes compete. LOL, no no, they have practice every Monday morning starting in April in Plain City, Utah at the ridding arena. And work very hard together as a team to not only improve themselves, but the communication they have with their equines.

Not only are they a very laid back group, but they love to get to know new people. Wither you have ridden horses your whole life, or strap your husband onto the ‘kid friendly’ horse and watch him go for a wild ride. They compete in barrels, poles, potato run, key hole, a water challenge and so much more. It is great to see them out there on their magnificent steeds having a wonderful time.

KK feels very blessed to be a part of this great tradition in Weber County, and is happy that we were able to show our support in any small or large way possible. We tip our hats to these ladies and gentlemen that take care of their horses like family, and have  actual relationships with the horses. They truly show what it is to be ‘at one’ with a horse, and to work with an animal, and not against it.