Busy as a bee

We over here at Kottage Kupboard are keeping very busy these days. Not only are we looking through vendor applications, sending invoces and contracts, but we are looking for those amazing artisians that will make the craft fair amazing.

Along with all of that, streamlining the process has been on the top of my list since I have started to bring back The Kottage Kupboard. Being organized and making sure all the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed is something that is very important to me. I feel that with organization amazing things can happen. And anythign that will decress stress for people is always a win in my book. When I am organized, I feel that I can have a calmer deminer and be a happier person overall. So for all those people that are like me THUMBS UP!!

Now when I get ‘too’ organized, my husband is always there to tell me that it’s ok to chill out sometimes. Kick back, and watch some Impratical Jokers. Have you ever seen that? Oh…my….they are hysterical to me. I am so embarassed for them sometimes that is for sure. I don’t agree with all of the jokes, but it is a good thing to put in and make yourself laugh out loud.

Speaking of which, we have both signed up for indoor soccer. He is a pretty athletic guy. Me? I USED to be. Like I USED to be a size 6, in HIGH SCHOOL. So, we will see how this goes. If no one hears from me tomorrow, you know I died trying to be a healthier person, and that it CAN kill you.

Thank you everyone for your continued support, and love. I am so excited for this coming year of crafting! it will be memorable.

Google My Business

We at Kottage Kupboard have been working very hard to get everything in order online for the Kottage Kupboard to come back strong, and have a wonderful online presence. This week we finally got our ‘verification code’ from Google. Meaning that they have accepted us as a business online and will now show up when you Google where Kottage Kupboard is located.

This might seem like a very small feat, but let me tell you, the hoops you have to jump to get to this point are many. They are also tedious and drawn out, like everything is when you are waiting on it. Not only do you have to decide what ‘tag line’ you would like to use, but you have connect everything customer facing, as well as the backend. What you hope will happen is that all of your time, hard work, sweat and tears will not be for nothing and that Google will add you correctly for everyone to search. It usually will take a website 6 months to a year to be recognized by Google and show up on all the search results you would like it to be on. But, hey, this is the first step to a great future!

In case you want to see the ‘business site’ that I have made for the company, you can: Click HERE 

And of course I have to give you a ‘sneak peak’ of it here as well:

utah. craft fair, artisians, ogden, roy, utah,west haven
Northern Utah Craft fair extraordinaire, The Kottage Kupboard is celebrating its 26th year running.


We look forward to seeing all the great artisans, and new crafts this year at our ‘Cornstalk & Pumpkins” Fall craft fair. Make sure your calendar is cleared for October 3rd – 6th.

Bird art for Valentines Day

Today was such a fun day! At Kottage Kupboard we are always about going out, meeting new people, and gaining knowledge we didn’t previously have. So I seized up the opportunity to go out into Davis County and learn from one of their crafters. I took along two great friends, and all of our #palletart got done over laughs and a good time.

I decided to make a “smaller one” consisting of three wood pieces. My first thought is do I want them straight across, or more mixed up so no straight lines. This took me a bit to decide as I was talking and laughing with the ladies I came with.

So when the teacher came around to ask me what color I wanted my wood to be for the background, I looked around helplessly trying to see what others were doing. Quite a few grey whitewashes, some blacks and some whites. Now I am anything but traditional in the sense of style I personally like and how I decorate my house. I quickly put those colors out of my mind. Now I was onto using paint instead. So I started with a cream. Quickly realizing my mistake in the fact that it just blended in so well. So I decided to try some #brownstain on it to see what happens.

The short answer? I loved it, and it totally fit with the image in my head! Now onto the stencil. The instructor brought me what I wanted, which was the two love birds on a wire with a small heart. She cut it all out before hand for us and we just had to assemble it before time ran out. Of course with talking to everyone on the table we quickly forgot that we had to do this and finish it in a specific time.

Onto the birds, my hand isn’t as straight as I would like. But others of course cheered me on, so I continued. Here it is:

Since I have brought it home, I am in love with it of course. It fits my house, and it’s a piece I started and finished in one day. Whew! See O.C.D CAN take a break in your head as long as you just decide you love it and it has meaning to it.

As we go through his life, nothing is ever going to stay the same. We all have different events in our life to shape us, and that’s ok. Being creative is expressing yourself through your #art and #decor no matter if it has some not so straight lines, or the heart has a bit of black in it. It is beautiful to the ones that love you, and the person you give it to will love it even more then the person that made it. Because you thought of your friend when you picked that out of them.

As always, please support small businesses and those that are #artisans in the community. #kottagekupboardcraft

Snow in January, finally!

We all know that one person who is IN LOVE with winter, snow and of course cold. That person in the group would be me. I love Northern Utah snow. And most of all, I love snowflakes.

With my love of snow, I decided to look up some crafts that have snowflakes in them. As I was searching the good ‘ol GOOGLE, I ran across this website that shows you how to not only make large snowflakes for the porch, but they LIGHT UP. Who could go wrong with one of these crafts for the 2018 year?

Here’s the link.

I also found some great pictures that show wonderful ways to make other snowflakes for Northern Utah.

This one has been popular with the elementary schools in the Weber County district in Northern Utah. If they can do it, it should be easy to get done right?!

And of course to round out the January month, we have to show some cute snowmen from terra cotta pots.

I love how you can make almost anything with a terra cotta pot. They have so many uses, you are only limited by your own imagination. January is one of the best months to start new and create whatever your imaginations cooks up.

Snowmen Everywhere

It seems to be the theme to have Santa’s, reindeer, and elf’s in December. So it is befitting that when the New Year rolls around with January being at the helm what a better way to make your Kottage your own then to add new life to it with a whimsical snowman?

There are many ways to incorporate snowmen in everyone’s decor. Wether you like more of the rustic look like this DIY from madeinaday.com

Or maybe an artsy snowman hat like this one: is more your style.

No matter what your style or artistic abilities are, January snowmen are sure to bring a smile from everyone around.

Simplest things make the greatest decor

This is from “My fabulous life”. They have taken something as simple as any jar lying around your house, and transformed it into something unique.

By adding cotton balls to tree branches they have created that “oh so expensive” cotton look that anyone from Hobby Lobby has been craving. And at a much less “holy cow” price.

Not only could you make this for your home, but wouldn’t it be a great gift to give to friends for their birthdays, or neighbors for neighbor appreciation day?

You could also use it as a great arts and crafts idea to do with the Little’s. Not only will it help them learn how to use glue responsibly, but it will help them with the fine mortar skills they need to add something to a specific space.

Overall, we find this to be a great DIY and child friendly craft to do with your Little’s, or grab a favorite drink and relax with a girlfriend while making it. Either way, it should be loads of fun to create something unique for your home.

Pinterest Kottage Kupboard

As we are launching our new Kottage Kupboard Ogden, Utah website we would like to introduce you to our new Pinterest board as well. Click Here to go to our Pinterest.

For now, we are focusing on Fall, Winter, and DIY. We would love it if you would follow us for more amazing ideas to add to our Craft Fair in Weber County. Pallet art has become increasingly popular since you are able to buy them for cheap, if not find them for free from companies in your area. Wood is very expensive, and hard to keep in your house. Using pinterest to gather ideas, and keep all in one place has been an amazing way to keep organized, and look for new ideas.

Since Pinterest is reaching all over the world, and people are able to share ideas, the amount of things to create is only limited by the amount you search, and your imagination. You can save these ideas for years, and then when you are ready to execute them, you can pull them up online and use the tutorials that are usually accompanied by the photos and links attached to the photos.

One of our favorite things to keep in photo form on our Pin Boards is wreaths, and what everyone has been doing. It helps Kottage Kupboard stay “in the know” by watching the trends as soon as they start trending. What is your favorite wreath to make?

Click Here for Kottage Kupboard Pinterest