Website Updates!

Kottage Kupboard Craft fair Ogden Utah

We have just updated our website pages with more info. At the bottom of the Vendors PAGE it now explains more about Centralized Checkout and Vendor Numbers. We want to make sure that our vendors understand the meaning behind some of the words that are used at the Craft Fairs in Northern Utah. We also want to avoid confusion when possible.

CraftQuoteKottageKupboardNorthernUtahAlso, we added more information on our Vendor Application 2018 page. You can find more information not only on our Set Up/ Tear down  schedule, but also our Security Detail, and what that entails. Stay tuned, I will be making a longer blog post on why we have a Security Detail, and why it is so important for the show.

Hope those creative juices are flowing for the October show! We only have 78 days to go!!

Kottage Kupboard Craft Fair, Small Business, Veteran Owned

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