We have a stamp!

Finally after working for a few days on a new return address stamp. It has finally been completed. Not only do I LOVE my logo, but it also is throughout the artwork and graphic design ideas. However, when trying to take something that is color, very intricate, and try to put it on something small, that usually will bleed a little bit, it makes for a hard sell.

I started out with our normal logo: KottageKupboardStamp

However that one was to hard to see when you can only use black, and white space. Everything got jumbled and it was hard to see what the black spot was about.

Then I tried a:  SimplelogoKK18

This too had issues. Even though it looks pretty great, I was not IN LOVE with it, like I am my current logo.

So, I brain-stormed a little here, and a little there. SimplelogonoheartKK18 

And this was the result of the brainstorming. Now, it still didn’t have the “Kottage Kupboard” feel to it just yet, so I started messing with the design to get it not only just right to my eye, but to also make sure I was keeping elements in it that I have throughout my artwork. Which resulted in the final product:Kottage Kupboard Return Address Stamp 2018

Not only did this sucker take me about 5 hours to complete, but it also cost an arm and a leg to purchase because I did my own design.

  • Am I happy that it is finished? YES
  • Am I happy that its not a complete circle and the OCD is kicking in? NO
  • Am I happy it took me 5 hours to decide I liked the return address label? DEFIANTLY NOT
  • Am I happy that I have the skills to not only pull this off, but make it look decent? 100%

Would I do it again? YES, yes I would. Don’t worry, this puppy is going to get a lot of use out of it for sure!

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