Waiting around, ideas flowing

This show has been so much fun for us to put together! Not only are we meeting new and exciting people, but we are sharing in their knowledge of what they do best, their crafts. There are so many ways that you are able to do crafts, and not one person has the same ideas all of the time. You can take a handful of men or women that craft, have one instructor teach them all, and not have one craft turn out the exact same!


Well….unless you are my hubby who wants to watch sports instead of doing crafty things with his wife. Then they might cheat a little and do exactly what you are doing so they can get back to their ‘game’.  He currently is watching Canadian football. If that doesn’t tell you how bad he is missing the sport. Thank heavens we have already planned the show, and he is aware that he will not be able to watch football all day while doing the show (anyone else hear the whining in his voice? lol). But he seriously has been such a big help. Especially when we go out, and I say I have to have something ‘for the show’. He used to argue that the show didn’t need THAT MUCH, or that anyone was going to look at the decor that is put up (oh naive guy) but now he just shakes his head on my, ‘I can fix that up and make it REALLY CUTE!’, and just continues to ask he if will get back his garage anytime soon. Which we all know the answer to that.

Good idea to bring the focal point upwards

At this point everyone should be getting their ideas down on paper, and really letting the creative juices flow. Decorating your booth is one of the things that will take time and precision to execute. Especially if this is your first time at our show. The show will go all out to the 9’s on decor, and having a booth that is decorated nicely, but not to extravagant is the key to catching the eye of the customers coming into the show.

With that being said, let me share with you some of the booth ideas I got from Google. None of these have been to our show, and are random ideas.

Stay tuned, as we get closer and closer to the show we will not only be highlighting the AMAZING VENDORS that we have coming, but their stories, and what they do. We have some very talented people that are going to show with us, and we would love for everyone to get to know them.

Until then, what do you love to see in a vendor booth? What draws you in?

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