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As we talked about Logo’s in this POST, I wanted to follow up with some inspiration that I have found online. Remember to make sure that your logo is Legible & Catches the Eye, you not only want repeat customers, but also people that are looking for more…

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KK’s Code of Ethics

At Kottage Kupboard, LLC. everyone should feel like they are being listened to and heard. Ethical issues and dilemmas happen on a daily basis, it is this company’s goal to help facilitate a work/show environment that maintains a high ethics standard and where employees/vendors feel comfortable in sharing the concerns with management. Everyone can benefit from an ethical workplace. We want to empower employees to feel confident with the power to help prevent mistakes from being made.

Code of Ethics

As a progressing business owner, I have found through my school work that ethics are a huge responsibility, and not one to take lightly. Right now, we are working on a Code of Ethics for Kottage Kupboard, LLC. These are set rules and guidelines of how we as a business want to run ethically. 

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Craft Wars TV Show

Oh…golly….miss…..molly! Have you ever taken time to see this show? It gives me heartburn, screaming ‘oh no’, and ‘are you serious?’. Not only does it make me want to get off the computer and copy what I see online, but it also makes me…

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Google My Business

Northern Utah Craft fair extraordinaire, The Kottage Kupboard is celebrating its 26th year running. Clear your calendars for the 2018 “Cornstalks & Pumpkins” this Fall.