Snow is finally here

Utah is a very fickle lady. She likes to be sunny, and Rainy at the same time, she loves to give a good wind blow that cuts right through you, but doesn’t clean all the pollution out of the air in North Salt Lake City. She tries her best to keep you on your toes.

“Little people” & it’s ment to be fun. Not make fun.

Now anyone of us that has been in Utah long, already knows that having snow in May is TOTALLY NORMAL around here. Yet, we forget how to drive, are not slowing down for the weather conditions, and are WAY to tough to worry about anything if we have an SUV or jacked up truck.

After living a few places around the world, I am totally the first one to admit we as Utahns are not to savvy on driving in the snow. I don’t know who taught them, but it is defiantly disturbing. After YEARS of driving in the snow with a trailer, I still have things to learn!

So, needless to say, Mother Nature has done it again. My plans to finish my pantry door in the garage, and keep a wreath on my door have been diminished into dreams. The wind laughs as I try for the 5th time to put up that darn wreath, and as soon as I shut the door, will blow it right off again. Until my husband finally puts it into the garage for safe keeping.

I still LOVE the snow. And hope it sticks around for a while. But, man, I need a better way to keep that wreath on the door so all the neighbors know I’m “festive”. Haha

Utah’s fickle weather

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