Snow in January, finally!

We all know that one person who is IN LOVE with winter, snow and of course cold. That person in the group would be me. I love Northern Utah snow. And most of all, I love snowflakes.

With my love of snow, I decided to look up some crafts that have snowflakes in them. As I was searching the good ‘ol GOOGLE, I ran across this website that shows you how to not only make large snowflakes for the porch, but they LIGHT UP. Who could go wrong with one of these crafts for the 2018 year?

Here’s the link.

I also found some great pictures that show wonderful ways to make other snowflakes for Northern Utah.

This one has been popular with the elementary schools in the Weber County district in Northern Utah. If they can do it, it should be easy to get done right?!

And of course to round out the January month, we have to show some cute snowmen from terra cotta pots.

I love how you can make almost anything with a terra cotta pot. They have so many uses, you are only limited by your own imagination. January is one of the best months to start new and create whatever your imaginations cooks up.

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