Simplest things make the greatest decor

This is from “My fabulous life”. They have taken something as simple as any jar lying around your house, and transformed it into something unique.

By adding cotton balls to tree branches they have created that “oh so expensive” cotton look that anyone from Hobby Lobby has been craving. And at a much less “holy cow” price.

Not only could you make this for your home, but wouldn’t it be a great gift to give to friends for their birthdays, or neighbors for neighbor appreciation day?

You could also use it as a great arts and crafts idea to do with the Little’s. Not only will it help them learn how to use glue responsibly, but it will help them with the fine mortar skills they need to add something to a specific space.

Overall, we find this to be a great DIY and child friendly craft to do with your Little’s, or grab a favorite drink and relax with a girlfriend while making it. Either way, it should be loads of fun to create something unique for your home.

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