Set up, and Security Detail

I have had some vendor questions that are not currently on the website. I do not want to add to the pages we currently have, so I thought I would answer some of them here, in a blog.

Mostly, I have been asked about the set up, tear down times. Here is a snip-it of my ‘behind the scenes’ website for people that have already signed up as vendors:setupteardowntimes

A little bit more about the security detail is below:

  1. If you have two vendor numbers in your booth, you are required to do two hours PER VENDOR NUMBER. This is due to us having to spend more time sorting through and adding up another vendor number.
  2. The security detail is very important to the show. Not only does it cut down costs to the vendors by us not having to hire more people to run the show, it also free’s up your time as a vendor. We only do two hours at this time because that will cover the whole show. If I did not do two hours, we would not only have to hire more people to walk around, but you as a vendor have a deeper passion for the show, and are more committed to it running successfully. We love the passion it takes for vendors to come out and do our shows, which is why we love your help with Security Detail.
  3. You will see things that a normal person would not.
    1. Because you have more than likely been a vendor at other shows, you will see things that most people would not. You are able to go up to someone and make sure they are doing what they should be, and being kept honest by paying for everything, without making the person feel uncomfortable.
    2. You will get familiar with the vendors at the show, so you will know if the person is a vendor or not. You will also know how to find out quickly who is a vendor or who isn’t by going and checking the vendor sheets that will be given out at the first of the show.
  4. You will have more knowledge of what is acceptable and what isn’t in bathrooms.
    1. We will have short videos that will help you gain knowledge on things that can not go into the bathroom. You will also know what to tell people if they try and get past you, and who to inform if that happens.

As we keep getting closer and closer to the show, questions will be answered further, and you will be able to get a feel for the show, and us. We always welcome questions, because that will make us better owners as a whole.

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