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As we are launching our new Kottage Kupboard Ogden, Utah website we would like to introduce you to our new Pinterest board as well. Click Here to go to our Pinterest.

For now, we are focusing on Fall, Winter, and DIY. We would love it if you would follow us for more amazing ideas to add to our Craft Fair in Weber County. Pallet art has become increasingly popular since you are able to buy them for cheap, if not find them for free from companies in your area. Wood is very expensive, and hard to keep in your house. Using pinterest to gather ideas, and keep all in one place has been an amazing way to keep organized, and look for new ideas.

Since Pinterest is reaching all over the world, and people are able to share ideas, the amount of things to create is only limited by the amount you search, and your imagination. You can save these ideas for years, and then when you are ready to execute them, you can pull them up online and use the tutorials that are usually accompanied by the photos and links attached to the photos.

One of our favorite things to keep in photo form on our Pin Boards is wreaths, and what everyone has been doing. It helps Kottage Kupboard stay “in the know” by watching the trends as soon as they start trending. What is your favorite wreath to make?

Click Here for Kottage Kupboard Pinterest
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