Code of Ethics

As a progressing business owner, I have found through my school work that ethics are a huge responsibility, and not one to take lightly. Right now, we are working on a Code of Ethics for Kottage Kupboard, LLC. These are set rules and guidelines of how we as a business want to run ethically.

No, not all business owners go to the trouble of writing a code of ethics, especially is you are as Small Utah business, BUT that does not mean that they are not important to have. They are time consuming, and really draw a line between what ethics are, and moral responsibility. Of course it is always great when those two come together. But in a business setting, you have to rely on more of an ethical standing. That way, it encompasses all walks of life and all sorts of people. It is one way to govern a set group of people within the company with a specific set of expectations.

I look forward to sharing them with you once we have finalized them for the Kottage Kupboard, LLC. it will not only make the business stronger, and more forward moving, but it will allow everyone to know what this business stands for, and what it is hoping to accomplish.

I will share with you the new mission statement:

Craft creatively, with Imagination, honesty, and integrity.


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