As we talked about Logo’s in this POST, I wanted to follow up with some inspiration that I have found online. Remember to make sure that your logo is LegibleCatches the Eye, you not only want repeat customers, but also people that are looking for more vendors for their shows, and potential brick and motar shops if you would like to scale bigger than just one show.

Here are a few ideas I have found:

Now, here are a few that look amazing, but if I wanted to tell my friend about them, or show them on Social Media, no one would be able to tell who they were unless I took a photo of the tag. And lets be honest, who here keeps all their tags on everything?

Logo and branding are important. Your display is of course important as well. But if I were to choose which one I would rather go with to continue my business pushing forward, I would spend the money on making sure my logo was not only present, but apparent.

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