It’s getting real here

Since the last time that a blog was posted, I got real serious about working on the computer and making sure things were taken care of for Kottage Kupboard. I even pulled out the ‘big guns’. Meaning I have a special ‘mouse’ I have to use, I have a special ‘mouse pad’ I have to use, and I have a special keyboard that I use as well. These three things make my life SO MUCH EASIER as I go through all of the social media, blogs, and how to guides that I find. And, unfortunately, I have realized that my $75.00 Dell computer that I have had for eons is just not strong enough and fast enough to deal with all the programs that I have to use for everyday life, as well as when I start school at the end of the month.


Did you know that there is a wonderful magazine that is created around women and women creating? I found that on my travels throughout the web to find the most amazing ways to not only make things from home, but how to use cleaners that are good for the environment and our families, but that also clean what they say they are going to clean. And how you can add a new color on the wall and open up a whole room. The things you can learn and find out just with a little bit of time, and a click of a button.

We would love to hear your feedback on what you would like to see, not only at the show this October, but also in the blog all year round. We are planning on such amazing things for this Fall show, I am just tickled pink when I think about all of them. Don’t worry, you will be getting a sneak peak of them as we go throughout the year. Any and all ideas are welcome, this show is not just something we at Kottage Kupboard put on, but each and every one of our vendors and customers help us create. tickledpink


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