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As I have been doing research for the show in October, I have found vendors all have so many unique and different experiences at shows. Each time they put out their wares, a little piece of themselves is on display.

That can be very intimidating for some. Especially if you are starting new, and have never before done something of this magnitude.

Most of the people that are coming through the door are open and ready to enjoy the experience of a craft show. They want to feel something and become attached to the show in one way or another. How are you as a vendor reaching out and trying to connect to those people? What is it you are trying to make them feel?

Because our show is unique in the fact that we do not man our booths, what things are you changing in your booth display to make it warm and welcoming when you aren’t there to great them? Is your booth closed off, and not highlighted well?

We need to be very aware of how we are “reading” to others around us. Is the booth stacked so much that people are digging through items? Some falling to the floor as the customer is browsing? That can be a very big turn off for the average customer. Maybe, instead opt for things underneath a table, in bins on the floor, maybe in a #kupboard in a corner. Your booth will still fill full, but your customers will not be as overwhelmed with all of your beautiful wares.

Labeling and branding will help with making sure a customer knows who you and your company are, and what you stand for. What makes you unique from all the other vendors? Can your customer figure that out from your booth? If not, you might be loosing valuable sales. After all, there are three other booths selling about the same things as yourself. Why should the customer be drawn to your booth?

Making a statement as to who you are and why you are different can go a long way in making up a customers mind as to why they will choose your product over another vendor. Stand out, dare to be bold. Show them the magic of your creations through your booth. Dare to give them an experience that they enjoy.

A helpful article I have found is THIS. Some of it does not apply to our show, but there is still great information that you can take awAy from it. You are a creator, create your space.

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