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We at Kottage Kupboard have been working very hard to get everything in order online for the Kottage Kupboard to come back strong, and have a wonderful online presence. This week we finally got our ‘verification code’ from Google. Meaning that they have accepted us as a business online and will now show up when you Google where Kottage Kupboard is located.

This might seem like a very small feat, but let me tell you, the hoops you have to jump to get to this point are many. They are also tedious and drawn out, like everything is when you are waiting on it. Not only do you have to decide what ‘tag line’ you would like to use, but you have connect everything customer facing, as well as the backend. What you hope will happen is that all of your time, hard work, sweat and tears will not be for nothing and that Google will add you correctly for everyone to search. It usually will take a website 6 months to a year to be recognized by Google and show up on all the search results you would like it to be on. But, hey, this is the first step to a great future!

In case you want to see the ‘business site’ that I have made for the company, you can: Click HERE 

And of course I have to give you a ‘sneak peak’ of it here as well:

utah. craft fair, artisians, ogden, roy, utah,west haven
Northern Utah Craft fair extraordinaire, The Kottage Kupboard is celebrating its 26th year running.


We look forward to seeing all the great artisans, and new crafts this year at our ‘Cornstalk & Pumpkins” Fall craft fair. Make sure your calendar is cleared for October 3rd – 6th.

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