Craft Wars TV Show


Have you ever taken time to see this show? It gives me heartburn, screaming ‘oh no’, and ‘are you serious?’. Not only does it make me want to get off the computer and copy what I craftwarssee online, but it also makes me see the mistakes that others make, and learn from them.

Watching, only makes me realize more that when you look at Pintrest or other DIY networks, it is REALLY easy to say ‘oh I can do that, I can make that’ but to actually execute it even a little bit like the original can be REALLY HARD sometimes. I personally take for granted sometimes how much time and effort it takes to be good, I mean REALLY GOOD at something.

Sure, I probably could do what I am looking at. But by the time I get around to buying all the supplies, cutting/sewing/knitting etc, get my craft room organized so I can breath, and then sit down with time carved out to do it, I was better off buying it from the person that created the item I am trying to duplicate. They have it down, they know what they are doing, and they are able to learn from the mistakes they have made on the first item to the 20th item that you are seeing at Craft Fairs in Northern Utah. These vendors have perfected their craft, and are always learning.


So if you haven’t heard of this show, look it up. I actually learned a lot while watching it. I learned how to easily make a tuffed looked headboard out of things around the house. Why it’s important to use a leveler when painting stripes on a wall, and how to stencil on the wall. Things I thought I probably knew, but when it came down to it, I was unaware of some of the tricks of the trade. The things you learn about yourself when really working on something that might not come easy to you, has always astonished me. Keep crafting those crafty crafts!

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