Pay it Forward

2remembervets18Here at The Kottage Kupboard, we are all about giving back to the community. This year we wanted to focus on the Military and their families. They sacrifice so much  for us, we want to make sure they know they are not forgotten.

That is why we have chosen The Ogden Veterans Home for giving back. We will be giving a portion of what The Kottage Kupboard earns through our great customers back to the home. Sometimes the veterans come with very little and we aim to make their stays a little bit more ‘homey’ and ‘comfortable’. Please give it a second thought when deciding to purchase something for yourself or others. Small businesses are all about community and making them stronger.


We have also focused on a community group of ridding adults, and have chosen to help them in their love of horses. Not only do they do what they love, but this particular riding group really focuses on working and being one with the horse. Not fighting against the horse, but becoming one with them.

Thank you for your decision to be a customer, as well as a vendor. We value having you come to our craft fairs in Northern Utah, and purchasing from a veteran run small business.

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