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Show Updates POST “Cornstalks & Pumpkins”

When putting on a show as large as ours, there is always a learning curve. Some of the things that happened behind the scenes are never seen by the public or the vendors. I wanted to take a moment to touch on those, and… Continue Reading “Show Updates POST “Cornstalks & Pumpkins””


As we talked about Logo’s in this POST, I wanted to follow up with some inspiration that I have found online. Remember to make sure that your logo is Legible & Catches the Eye, you not only want repeat customers, but also people that are looking for more… Continue Reading “Logos are IMPORTANT”

Getting Noticed in a Craft Show

Some of the most amazing things at a craft fair, is how unique each and every vendor can be. One of the key things in our show, is that we ask vendors to think outside the box. We are always here to bounce ideas… Continue Reading “Getting Noticed in a Craft Show”

Website Updates!

We have just updated our website pages with more info. At the bottom of the Vendors PAGE it now explains more about Centralized Checkout and Vendor Numbers. We want to make sure that our vendors understand the meaning behind some of the words that are used at the… Continue Reading “Website Updates!”

Protected: City Weekly Marketing

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Waiting around, ideas flowing

Kottage Kupboard, Northern Utah craft fair discusses how your booth ideas should be flowing right now for the October 2018 craft fair show in Ogden, Utah

We have a stamp!

Finally after working for a few days on a new return address stamp. It has finally been completed. Not only do I LOVE my logo, but it also is throughout the artwork and graphic design ideas. However, when trying to take something that is… Continue Reading “We have a stamp!”

Set up, and Security Detail

I have had some vendor questions that are not currently on the website. I do not want to add to the pages we currently have, so I thought I would answer some of them here, in a blog. Mostly, I have been asked about… Continue Reading “Set up, and Security Detail”

The Besst Yet Magazine

Starting our Marking in early January of 2018 has been both an amazing, and difficult experience. As with any Small Business Owner, making sure that you are on point and manage the budget correctly is always not far from your mind. We are so… Continue Reading “The Besst Yet Magazine”