KK’s Code of Ethics

Guiding Principles

At Kottage Kupboard, LLC. everyone should feel like they are being listened to and heard. Ethical issues and dilemmas happen on a daily basis, it is this company’s goal to help facilitate a work/show environment that maintains a high ethics standard and where employees/vendors feel comfortable in sharing the concerns with management. Everyone can benefit from an ethical workplace. We want to empower employees to feel confident with the power to help prevent mistakes from being made.

Kottage Kupboard, LLC. will not allow retaliation on issues, or questions being raised on an ethical issue. All instances that are reported will be followed up on, and completely checked out. If there is further action that needs to be taken, the company will take the appropriate action.

Purpose of Code

Allowing creative thinking without harming the environment or oneself. By being honest in all business dealings, and promoting the business ethically and morally at all times. The code is a roadmap to follow for the ethical decisions that may appear. Maintaining the core values.

Core Values

  • Treat people fairly – respect the privacy of competitors, be open-minded and professional with an equal opportunity for everyone.
  • Compete with the competition honorably – not stealing others ideas, making sure your product is 60% different than another’s. Respecting professional boundaries. Copy written material should be treated as such. Being original in your designs and concepts.
  • Be honest in your transactions – all customers should be using the centralized checkout. If vendors are at their booths, they are not allowed to run any type of transaction for their business. Vendors are responsible for directing all sales to the centralized checkout.

Training and Education

Each employee, or vendor is required to sign the updated Code of Conduct each year before showing with Kottage Kupboard, LLC. They will be required to initial the paperwork, and ask questions if they do not understand something before signing the paperwork. There will be a link online at all times that is accessible to vendors and employees.

Who it covers

This code of ethics encumbrances all facets of Kottage Kupboard, LLC. business. Including, but not limited to contracted vendors, customers, social media, employees, contract and subcontracted persons,

Mission Statement

Craft creatively, with imagination, honesty, and integrity.

Be Loyal to Company

To make a successful business for our vendors as well as our customers, we ask that anyone participating in Kottage Kupboard, LLC. shows, only speaks well about the company. If there is a problem, please first take it up with management. Going to social media, online, or another potential client or customer not only hurts the company, but also the other vendors and customers.

There will be confidential information that is shared with vendors in order to make the company a successful show. In these instances Kottage Kupboard, LLC. expects the vendors to be respectful, and understanding that not everything needs to be shared within the craft world. Some of the confidential and proprietary information, includes, but is not limited to: financial data, customer’s names/address, non-public information about other companies, including current or potential suppliers and vendors, marketing techniques, as well as booth ideas.

Biggest Boutique in Utah

When asked about the size of the boutique and craft fairs in Northern Utah that we do, one of the main questions is how big is your Northern Utah Craft Fair. That is a hard thing to justify in numbers. Some craft shows do it by booth numbers, some do it by the square footage of the building. While others actually do it by the count of people coming in through the door.

Each of these is a great way to showcase the best part of your craft show in Utah, however, because no one is using the same system to measure. Which in the end means that Kottage Kupboard, LLC. could tell you they are the biggest boutique in Utah, but how are we measuring it?

If you were to do the number of booths in a show, that would be one way to measure. But, say that in one show they only have one size of booth, where in another craft show in Utah they could have dozens of different sizes of booths. The quality of the booths should also be considered when measured. Are all the booths the same quality throughout the show, or are we just filling up space as much as we can, not caring what is in the booths as long as we get a full house?

If you are running it off of square footage, then of course the bigger the area, the more things you can have in it. Or can you? For example, my husband can pack for a trip and tell me that his suitcase is so full that it is going to burst. I can then go in, and not only cut everything down in half the size it was in before, but then I can also add all of my clothing and things I need for the trip. So the way you use the space is also a very important thing when saying how big the biggest boutique in Utah is.

Counting people is a very hard thing to do when running a show. You can guesstimate the number of people that you have coming in, or maybe the number of tickets that you sold. But who is to account for all the people that share tickets on the way out of the Craft fair? Or who come multiple days in a row. Is that a true count if you are counting the same people over and over again? Short of having everyone clock in and clock out, the numbers are just an ‘about’ number.

Now, with all of this said. No one is trying to pull the wool over your eyes. They simply just don’t know, or are guessing the best that they can. After a few years of study, and using Excel sheets, as well as other data that you can pull from other sources you can get a pretty darn close number. But be careful when someone tells you they know exact numbers on something.

We are so excited at Kottage Kupboard, LLC. to put on a fabulous show in October! Filled with wonderful vendors, and new experiences. Not only are we planning on a huge revival of a wonderful craft fair in Ogden, Utah, but we are happy to continue the tradition of a good time, great friends, and making memories to last a lifetime. Who cares if someone is the biggest boutique in Utah? We are all here to have a great time, and enjoy one another/s company. Which is so important in this day and age of technology that is all around us. So lets focus on not being the biggest, but the one that holds the most memories for our vendors and customers or as they say its not about quantity, its about quality.


Code of Ethics

As a progressing business owner, I have found through my school work that ethics are a huge responsibility, and not one to take lightly. Right now, we are working on a Code of Ethics for Kottage Kupboard, LLC. These are set rules and guidelines of how we as a business want to run ethically.

No, not all business owners go to the trouble of writing a code of ethics, especially is you are as Small Utah business, BUT that does not mean that they are not important to have. They are time consuming, and really draw a line between what ethics are, and moral responsibility. Of course it is always great when those two come together. But in a business setting, you have to rely on more of an ethical standing. That way, it encompasses all walks of life and all sorts of people. It is one way to govern a set group of people within the company with a specific set of expectations.

I look forward to sharing them with you once we have finalized them for the Kottage Kupboard, LLC. it will not only make the business stronger, and more forward moving, but it will allow everyone to know what this business stands for, and what it is hoping to accomplish.

I will share with you the new mission statement:

Craft creatively, with Imagination, honesty, and integrity.


Helpful tips

As I have been doing research for the show in October, I have found vendors all have so many unique and different experiences at shows. Each time they put out their wares, a little piece of themselves is on display.

That can be very intimidating for some. Especially if you are starting new, and have never before done something of this magnitude.

Most of the people that are coming through the door are open and ready to enjoy the experience of a craft show. They want to feel something and become attached to the show in one way or another. How are you as a vendor reaching out and trying to connect to those people? What is it you are trying to make them feel?

Because our show is unique in the fact that we do not man our booths, what things are you changing in your booth display to make it warm and welcoming when you aren’t there to great them? Is your booth closed off, and not highlighted well?

We need to be very aware of how we are “reading” to others around us. Is the booth stacked so much that people are digging through items? Some falling to the floor as the customer is browsing? That can be a very big turn off for the average customer. Maybe, instead opt for things underneath a table, in bins on the floor, maybe in a #kupboard in a corner. Your booth will still fill full, but your customers will not be as overwhelmed with all of your beautiful wares.

Labeling and branding will help with making sure a customer knows who you and your company are, and what you stand for. What makes you unique from all the other vendors? Can your customer figure that out from your booth? If not, you might be loosing valuable sales. After all, there are three other booths selling about the same things as yourself. Why should the customer be drawn to your booth?

Making a statement as to who you are and why you are different can go a long way in making up a customers mind as to why they will choose your product over another vendor. Stand out, dare to be bold. Show them the magic of your creations through your booth. Dare to give them an experience that they enjoy.

A helpful article I have found is THIS. Some of it does not apply to our show, but there is still great information that you can take awAy from it. You are a creator, create your space.

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Snow is finally here

Utah is a very fickle lady. She likes to be sunny, and Rainy at the same time, she loves to give a good wind blow that cuts right through you, but doesn’t clean all the pollution out of the air in North Salt Lake City. She tries her best to keep you on your toes.

“Little people” & it’s ment to be fun. Not make fun.

Now anyone of us that has been in Utah long, already knows that having snow in May is TOTALLY NORMAL around here. Yet, we forget how to drive, are not slowing down for the weather conditions, and are WAY to tough to worry about anything if we have an SUV or jacked up truck.

After living a few places around the world, I am totally the first one to admit we as Utahns are not to savvy on driving in the snow. I don’t know who taught them, but it is defiantly disturbing. After YEARS of driving in the snow with a trailer, I still have things to learn!

So, needless to say, Mother Nature has done it again. My plans to finish my pantry door in the garage, and keep a wreath on my door have been diminished into dreams. The wind laughs as I try for the 5th time to put up that darn wreath, and as soon as I shut the door, will blow it right off again. Until my husband finally puts it into the garage for safe keeping.

I still LOVE the snow. And hope it sticks around for a while. But, man, I need a better way to keep that wreath on the door so all the neighbors know I’m “festive”. Haha

Utah’s fickle weather


Out with the old

As most of you have noticed, there have been some changes around here at Kottage Kupboard. Not only are we starting our wonderful show of 25 years back up, but we are also going to give it a new overall look. This will of course take some time to full phase in the new logo, and out phase the old, but be sure the changes are coming and we are so very happy about it.  What the Perry’s have done with this show has amazed me. Deanna and Joel were a great team and Kottage Kupboard could not be where it is now, without the hard work, blood, sweat, and tears that those before us have sacrificed. I have been able to learn so much from them, and am very thankful to be able to start the 26th year of Kottage Kupboard.

With that being said, on with the new. We have a new logo that will change with the seasons, as well as when we are doing special craft fairs. It is very near and dear to my heart. When creating it, with my graphic designer Brad Rich, there was a lot going on all at once. I have to give a shout out to him and his family for helping me make this

New Branding Kottage Kupbaord- COLOR

the best logo ever and taking what my vision was in my head, and making it a reality. I am a very meticulous person, and I know I was hard to please.  The background was the easy part of this graphic. I am absolutely in love with old wood, and my home is full of it. I feel if it could tell stories, we would really be in for a treat. Not only where it has come from, but what it has seen. Much like a beloved grandparent or parent can tell us about times and places our eyes have never seen or we have never heard of. It has a story to tell with each ding, break, color change etc.

The pines, and pine cones come from the love of the outdoors and the forest that was instilled on me by both of my grandpa’s. They both have recently passed away, and this was a way to not only incorporate my favorite color (green) but to also show that love for the outdoors. They were made so that I can change them out and add new features as we go throughout the seasons.

I wanted to stay true to Kottage Kupboard and its legacy that I am continuing on, so I had the background shaped in to a heart, as well as keeping the maroon that Deanna started with. It works for all seasons, and really is a great color to have around all year.

Last, but not least would be the fonts that were used in the making of this logo. There is not one, but three separate fonts that make up the logo. Brad was amazing at finding these and making them look just so. Keeping the professionalism, with a bit of fancy and fun added in there.

All, in all, we are very happy with the re-branding that will be happening and are so thankful for the amazing vendors and customers that we have had over the years. Here is to a great year of new and exciting things happening in our little neck of the woods.

PNG background Kottage Kupboard
Black and White Kottage Kupboard

Craft Wars TV Show


Have you ever taken time to see this show? It gives me heartburn, screaming ‘oh no’, and ‘are you serious?’. Not only does it make me want to get off the computer and copy what I craftwarssee online, but it also makes me see the mistakes that others make, and learn from them.

Watching, only makes me realize more that when you look at Pintrest or other DIY networks, it is REALLY easy to say ‘oh I can do that, I can make that’ but to actually execute it even a little bit like the original can be REALLY HARD sometimes. I personally take for granted sometimes how much time and effort it takes to be good, I mean REALLY GOOD at something.

Sure, I probably could do what I am looking at. But by the time I get around to buying all the supplies, cutting/sewing/knitting etc, get my craft room organized so I can breath, and then sit down with time carved out to do it, I was better off buying it from the person that created the item I am trying to duplicate. They have it down, they know what they are doing, and they are able to learn from the mistakes they have made on the first item to the 20th item that you are seeing at Craft Fairs in Northern Utah. These vendors have perfected their craft, and are always learning.


So if you haven’t heard of this show, look it up. I actually learned a lot while watching it. I learned how to easily make a tuffed looked headboard out of things around the house. Why it’s important to use a leveler when painting stripes on a wall, and how to stencil on the wall. Things I thought I probably knew, but when it came down to it, I was unaware of some of the tricks of the trade. The things you learn about yourself when really working on something that might not come easy to you, has always astonished me. Keep crafting those crafty crafts!

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It’s getting real here

Since the last time that a blog was posted, I got real serious about working on the computer and making sure things were taken care of for Kottage Kupboard. I even pulled out the ‘big guns’. Meaning I have a special ‘mouse’ I have to use, I have a special ‘mouse pad’ I have to use, and I have a special keyboard that I use as well. These three things make my life SO MUCH EASIER as I go through all of the social media, blogs, and how to guides that I find. And, unfortunately, I have realized that my $75.00 Dell computer that I have had for eons is just not strong enough and fast enough to deal with all the programs that I have to use for everyday life, as well as when I start school at the end of the month.


Did you know that there is a wonderful magazine that is created around women and women creating? I found that on my travels throughout the web to find the most amazing ways to not only make things from home, but how to use cleaners that are good for the environment and our families, but that also clean what they say they are going to clean. And how you can add a new color on the wall and open up a whole room. The things you can learn and find out just with a little bit of time, and a click of a button.

We would love to hear your feedback on what you would like to see, not only at the show this October, but also in the blog all year round. We are planning on such amazing things for this Fall show, I am just tickled pink when I think about all of them. Don’t worry, you will be getting a sneak peak of them as we go throughout the year. Any and all ideas are welcome, this show is not just something we at Kottage Kupboard put on, but each and every one of our vendors and customers help us create. tickledpink