Bird art for Valentines Day

Today was such a fun day! At Kottage Kupboard we are always about going out, meeting new people, and gaining knowledge we didn’t previously have. So I seized up the opportunity to go out into Davis County and learn from one of their crafters. I took along two great friends, and all of our #palletart got done over laughs and a good time.

I decided to make a “smaller one” consisting of three wood pieces. My first thought is do I want them straight across, or more mixed up so no straight lines. This took me a bit to decide as I was talking and laughing with the ladies I came with.

So when the teacher came around to ask me what color I wanted my wood to be for the background, I looked around helplessly trying to see what others were doing. Quite a few grey whitewashes, some blacks and some whites. Now I am anything but traditional in the sense of style I personally like and how I decorate my house. I quickly put those colors out of my mind. Now I was onto using paint instead. So I started with a cream. Quickly realizing my mistake in the fact that it just blended in so well. So I decided to try some #brownstain on it to see what happens.

The short answer? I loved it, and it totally fit with the image in my head! Now onto the stencil. The instructor brought me what I wanted, which was the two love birds on a wire with a small heart. She cut it all out before hand for us and we just had to assemble it before time ran out. Of course with talking to everyone on the table we quickly forgot that we had to do this and finish it in a specific time.

Onto the birds, my hand isn’t as straight as I would like. But others of course cheered me on, so I continued. Here it is:

Since I have brought it home, I am in love with it of course. It fits my house, and it’s a piece I started and finished in one day. Whew! See O.C.D CAN take a break in your head as long as you just decide you love it and it has meaning to it.

As we go through his life, nothing is ever going to stay the same. We all have different events in our life to shape us, and that’s ok. Being creative is expressing yourself through your #art and #decor no matter if it has some not so straight lines, or the heart has a bit of black in it. It is beautiful to the ones that love you, and the person you give it to will love it even more then the person that made it. Because you thought of your friend when you picked that out of them.

As always, please support small businesses and those that are #artisans in the community. #kottagekupboardcraft

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