Biggest Boutique in Utah

When asked about the size of the boutique and craft fairs in Northern Utah that we do, one of the main questions is how big is your Northern Utah Craft Fair. That is a hard thing to justify in numbers. Some craft shows do it by booth numbers, some do it by the square footage of the building. While others actually do it by the count of people coming in through the door.

Each of these is a great way to showcase the best part of your craft show in Utah, however, because no one is using the same system to measure. Which in the end means that Kottage Kupboard, LLC. could tell you they are the biggest boutique in Utah, but how are we measuring it?

If you were to do the number of booths in a show, that would be one way to measure. But, say that in one show they only have one size of booth, where in another craft show in Utah they could have dozens of different sizes of booths. The quality of the booths should also be considered when measured. Are all the booths the same quality throughout the show, or are we just filling up space as much as we can, not caring what is in the booths as long as we get a full house?

If you are running it off of square footage, then of course the bigger the area, the more things you can have in it. Or can you? For example, my husband can pack for a trip and tell me that his suitcase is so full that it is going to burst. I can then go in, and not only cut everything down in half the size it was in before, but then I can also add all of my clothing and things I need for the trip. So the way you use the space is also a very important thing when saying how big the biggest boutique in Utah is.

Counting people is a very hard thing to do when running a show. You can guesstimate the number of people that you have coming in, or maybe the number of tickets that you sold. But who is to account for all the people that share tickets on the way out of the Craft fair? Or who come multiple days in a row. Is that a true count if you are counting the same people over and over again? Short of having everyone clock in and clock out, the numbers are just an ‘about’ number.

Now, with all of this said. No one is trying to pull the wool over your eyes. They simply just don’t know, or are guessing the best that they can. After a few years of study, and using Excel sheets, as well as other data that you can pull from other sources you can get a pretty darn close number. But be careful when someone tells you they know exact numbers on something.

We are so excited at Kottage Kupboard, LLC. to put on a fabulous show in October! Filled with wonderful vendors, and new experiences. Not only are we planning on a huge revival of a wonderful craft fair in Ogden, Utah, but we are happy to continue the tradition of a good time, great friends, and making memories to last a lifetime. Who cares if someone is the biggest boutique in Utah? We are all here to have a great time, and enjoy one another/s company. Which is so important in this day and age of technology that is all around us. So lets focus on not being the biggest, but the one that holds the most memories for our vendors and customers or as they say its not about quantity, its about quality.


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