Code of Ethics

Guiding Principles

At Kottage Kupboard, LLC. everyone should feel like they are being listened to and heard. Ethical issues and dilemmas happen on a daily basis, it is this company’s goal to help facilitate a work/show environment that maintains a high ethics standard and where employees/vendors feel comfortable in sharing the concerns with management. Everyone can benefit from an ethical workplace. We want to empower employees to feel confident with the power to help prevent mistakes from being made.

Kottage Kupboard, LLC. will not allow retaliation on issues, or questions being raised on an ethical issue. All instances that are reported will be followed up on, and completely checked out. If there is further action that needs to be taken, the company will take the appropriate action.

Purpose of Code

Allowing creative thinking without harming the environment or oneself. By being honest in all business dealings, and promoting the business ethically and morally at all times. The code is a roadmap to follow for the ethical decisions that may appear. Maintaining the core values.

Core Values

  • Treat people fairly – respect the privacy of competitors, be open-minded and professional with an equal opportunity for everyone.
  • Compete with the competition honorably – not stealing others ideas, making sure your product is 60% different than another’s. Respecting professional boundaries. Copy written material should be treated as such. Being original in your designs and concepts.
  • Be honest in your transactions – all customers should be using the centralized checkout. If vendors are at their booths, they are not allowed to run any type of transaction for their business. Vendors are responsible for directing all sales to the centralized checkout.

Training and Education

Each employee, or vendor is required to sign the updated Code of Conduct each year before showing with Kottage Kupboard, LLC. They will be required to initial the paperwork, and ask questions if they do not understand something before signing the paperwork. There will be a link online at all times that is accessible to vendors and employees.

Who it covers

This code of ethics encumbrances all facets of Kottage Kupboard, LLC. business. Including, but not limited to contracted vendors, customers, social media, employees, contract and subcontracted persons,

Mission Statement

Craft creatively, with imagination, honesty, and integrity.

Be Loyal to Company

To make a successful business for our vendors as well as our customers, we ask that anyone participating in Kottage Kupboard, LLC. shows, only speaks well about the company. If there is a problem, please first take it up with management. Going to social media, online, or another potential client or customer not only hurts the company, but also the other vendors and customers.

There will be confidential information that is shared with vendors in order to make the company a successful show. In these instances Kottage Kupboard, LLC. expects the vendors to be respectful, and understanding that not everything needs to be shared within the craft world. Some of the confidential and proprietary information, includes, but is not limited to: financial data, customer’s names/address, non-public information about other companies, including current or potential suppliers and vendors, marketing techniques, as well as booth ideas

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